Zimsec exam retake costly much ado about nothing say parents


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GOVERNMENT’S order to have more than 260 000 candidates retake the Zimbabwe School Examination Council (Zimsec) November 2017 Ordinary Level English Language Paper 2 on February 16 because of widespread cheating has been described as costly and much ado about nothing by parents.

Addressing journalists in Harare this week, Primary and Secondary Education minister Paul Mavima said results for the leaked paper had been nullified after it was observed that many candidates had seen it before the examination.

“The November 2017 Ordinary Level English Language Paper 2 examination will be retaken on February 16, 2018 from 10am to 12 noon,” he said.

However, social media users have condemned the move calling on the Government to let bygones be bygones.

Munya Simango expressed shock at the move and commented on his Faccebook account.

“One thing I really don’t get is the public outcry over Zimsec’s decision to have students re-sit the O-level English paper 2 exam. If the students don’t re-take the exam, how do we ensure the credibility of their results? “How does the whole group proceed to higher education and employment if the questionable results are not rectified?

“How does stopping the re-sit solve the problem?

What alternatives are those challenging the re-take decision offering? What is the solution for the students?”

Another Facebook user Professor Fred Zindi responded: “How do you judge the credibility of those certificates issued in the past for students who cheated but were never caught?

“It stops the headaches caused to traumatised parents and does create a problem for many of the innocent souls that are caught up in the net. Imagine travelling back from Australia to re-take the exam. That is a problem.

“Who pays the expenses? Just awarding those kids with the certificates is what I would do because there are many who have managed to escape through the net in the past by cheating their way into passing exams.

“Their incompetency in the workplace always catches up with them. So let it go Munya and that will solve the problem.”

Rangarirai Midzi wrote: “Stopping resit is not about solving it’s about kiting the innocent kids who are in the majority go to A level.”

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