US based Gshytt expected in Harare tomorrow


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Gshytt an American dancer-cum musician is expected to touch down at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport tomorrow.

Gshytt makes a welcome return to Harare following the success of his new video ‘Vibe is Right’ which was produced in Zimbabwe.

According to a spokesperson from Africa Fire Media the tour organisers, Gshytt will be working in studio with a number of artistes.

“He will be working in studio for his new stuff and also there is a possibility of shooting another video. Gshytt will also meet the press on Tuesday,” the spokesperson said.

According to 3MOB, an online newspaper, Gshytt comes from a dancing background and has done work with the likes of LeBron James, Rihanna, Ciara, Beyonce and more.

‘Vibe is Right’ is off his debut album ‘As Promised’ and the single was created specifically with an African focus.

Filming was done between 3 and 5 January 2018 with a troupe of dancers converging, to contribute to a story bursting at the seams of the regions Wakanda heritage links.

“Two dancers of incredible repertoire, Kendra KO Oyesanya and Makia, flew in from the United States for the shoot.

“Kendra gained international fame for the video of her and crew walking out of a theatre after watching The Black Panther and breaking into formation. The video went viral and was even shared by Ellen Degeneres.

“Makia most recently featured on a Jason Derulo video.

“A Harare model, the stunning Tania Tatenda Aaron, played Gshytt’s love interest.”

The paper said Gshytt chose Zimbabwe as a location, because he wanted to connect with his roots.

“We wanted to show the more beautiful parts of Africa in this music video because many people have a big misconception of the continent. I also felt at home”.

And we get that from the intro of the video, the distinct safari experience abundant in Zimbabwe right from the fore, throughout.

With the award-winning Vusa Blaqs directing, the locations were the scenic, resplendent and enigmatic Vumba with a few shots from Forest Hills Hills Resort in the as well as the endearing Antelope Park in the Midlands.

Beyond selling Zimbabwe as a destination for tourist experiences of nature in its virgin form, Gshytt and his crew, while on their way to Vumba spent time at the market in Rusape where they spent hard US Dollar cash buying wares from the community.

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