Unilever commissions new Royco Usavi Mix plant worth US$500 000


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Food, home and personal care products producer, Unilever Zimbabwe, yesterday commissioned a new Royco Usavi Mix packaging plant worth over US500 000 and also upgraded some of its machinery bringing the total number of investment to around $8 million.

Unilever Africa president Bruno Witvoet, reiterated his firm’s commitment to assist Zimbabwe’s reindustrialisation and make it an export hub in the region.

“We have been in Zimbabwe for the last 75 years and believe in the country’s future. Our confidence is very high,” he said.

The new packaging plant has increased capacity by 30 percent to 17 tonnes a day from 13 tonnes before the launch of the new automated packaging plant.

Industry, Commerce and Enterprise Development Minister Dr Mike Bimha, who was the guest said Unilever’s move showed confidence in the country, although the firm had at some point scaled down its operations.

Such initiatives, he said, were welcome and further highlighted Government’s commitment to creating a conducive environment for private sector to thrive. A thriving private sector, underpinned by investor-friendly policies, was a sign of growth in the economy.

“I am aware that over the last few years, the company scaled down its operations but the fact that you have started rebuilding your operations in this country shows that you share our hopes for a much more prosperous future.

“As Government, we are doing our part to make your investments safer and profitable, to make you fall in love with Zimbabwe again,” said Dr Bimha adding Unilever could make Zimbabwe a regional manufacturing hub and generate the much needed foreign currency for both the company and the country.

Already, the new Royco plant has helped replace imports from Kenya.

Unilever has a long and proud history in Zimbabwe, manufacturing iconic brands like Omo, Sunlight Geisha and Royco for the past 75 years.. this latest investment, the high speed packaging Laudernberg machine, reflects Unilever’s optimism about the country’s economy and the possibilities the future holds.

Industry, Commerce and Enterprise Development Minister Mike Bimha gets a briefing from Unilever Africa president Bruno Witvoet on the operation of the company’s Geisha manufacturing plant

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