SnapTech to help drive Zim change agenda


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SnapTech International, a change management consultancy and training firm, said Zimbabweans need to treat their change agenda as announced by President Emmerson Mnangagwa as a country-wide project to ensure success.

Speaking at the launch of a local office in Harare, SnapTech’s country director Dakarai Kuhlengisa, they were seeking to build capacity and promote the best practice standards in business.

“SnapTech is heartened by President ED Mnangagwa’s call for change under this new dispensation but we must caution that change and project management are not easy and that there is need for this call to action to be treated like a nation-wide project.

“We are so confident in the new dispensation and its agenda that we have decided to open a Zimbabwean office to help assist willing organisations get help in project and change management,” Kuhlengisa said.

“The call by our President for change and the declaration that ‘Zimbabwe is open for business’ is a massive integrated project that requires the necessary project management skills in order to meet the objectives within the expected time frames and it is our honest and sincere belief that they will be serious skills gaps in both the private and public sector for ensuring that this massive project is managed adequately,” Kuhlengisa said.

Kuhlengisa explained that Zimbabweans will need training to up skill them in project, programme and change management in order for them to be ready to help drive change.

This realisation, Kuhlengisa said, would be needed for project management leadership now and in the future has been the mains reason for the consultancy firm’s decision to open shop in Zimbabwe.

SnapTech which is headquartered in South Africa is an international firm which has been operating for 27 years with operations in South Africa, it also has presence in Kenya, West Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Europe and Australia. The company which is run by Zimbabweans had not opened an office in its own backyard prior to this announcement.

Snap Tech (Pty) Ltd is an Accredited Consulting and Training company and the leading provider of International Best Practice standards, frameworks and models in Project, Programme and Portfolio management in South Africa and Africa with a global footprint and internationally recognised reputation.

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