Mudiwa Hood flaunts new baby!


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Gospel rapper Mudiwa Hood is thankful to God after he took delivery of his spanking new Mercedes Benz E Class early this month.

The latest baby adds to the growing fleet of his cars including CLK200 and a Beema.

The suave rapper took to his Facebook to thank God and also urge other youths to pray and hope for the best.

“Never ever doubt God, He is Faithful and He will bless you . . . Be patient . . . do not take short cuts to success, NO . . . you can make it . . . Your portion is coming!!

“As a ghetto boy, can I be your motivation . . . everything is possible with Jesus.

“I have God only to thank for this new baby . . . its luvly I tell you.

“Help me welcome MUDDIE to the family!! With Mudiwa Ndaita-Mari Hoodhe posted.

Mudiwa Hood is arguably one of the finest and talented gospel rappers of his generation.

He has constantly churned out hit after hit in gospel at a time when the world was hooked to secular side of the genre.

He remained focused singing on the positive side of life much to the delight of his growing fan base.

Songs such as ‘Ndaita Mari’ and ‘Chaputika’ put him on the limelight.

Before he came up there was no category for gospel rap until Mudiwa Hood proved to all and sundry that he was cut for the award.

There are not many gospel rappers around and yet Mudiwa Hood remains unfazed.

For him gospel hip-hop is not just music but his calling.

Mudiwa Hood lives on his chosen path not that there is anything wrong with secular music but because of his love for God.

However, Mudiwa Hood seems to be underrated because he has lot of superstar qualities that dominate his fame space than music.

What music lovers need to appreciate is that Mudiwa Hood has his own style and you just have to pay attention to his writing and sound especially on the new song, ‘KaSister Kaheavy’.


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