Meet Jah Prayzah’s runner!


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Mabla 10 does not play any instruments, neither does he dance nor sing!

But he has a special job within Jah Prayzah’s backing group Third Generation.

In colloquial language Mabla 10 is simply Jah Prayzah’s runner — one who makes sure the musician is comfortable both on and off stage.

“I don’t do zvisina basa (less important stuff),” Mabla 10 boasted, “I don’t dance, sing or perform although I put on band regalia.”

During ExQ’s album launch held over the weekend at Rylance Resort out in borrowdale, Mabla 10 was all over the show.

“Mine is just to see to it that Jah Prayzah is comfortable whether he’s on stage or not. Suppose if we are having a show in Hwange I go there and make sure everything is up to his liking. The venue, the posters and even where he will be accommodated,” Mabla 10 explained.

Mabla 10 whose real name is Lloyd Kurima was seen providing bottled water to the entire band while also liaising with band members on sound.

But it appears Mabla 10 also doubles up as a hooligan.

The last time, Mabla 10, was involved in a fist fight with a music fan after the latter labelled the “Watora Mari” hit-maker a spent force at Extra Mile Leisure Spot, Harare.

The man only identified as Takura walked up to Mabla 10 and boldly told him that his boss needed to up his game otherwise they would wallow in poverty.

The man reportedly added that he was a neighbour of the musician’s former wife and that he knew a lot about the “Tsviriyo” hit-maker’s private life.

That did not go well with Mabla 10 who then called another Third Generation band member and assaulted the man.

The fracas that lasted for about 30 minutes left the man bleeding.

Mabla 10 had no kind words for the man saying he provoked him, when he was enjoying himself.


Mabla 10 far left overseeing the stage

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