McDonald’s creates R149k ‘Bling Mac’ ring in Valentine’s Day stunt


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McDonald’s has created an outrageous diamond and sapphire-studded Big Mac ring worth $12,500 (R149,615) in a Valentine’s Day stunt that encourages true Big Mac lovers to pledge their commitment by putting a ring on it.

Seven layers of the fast food giant’s iconic sandwich have been bedazzled as white diamonds, orange and green sapphires and encrusted in an 18K gold ‘Bling Mac’ that can be won by sending funny and creative vows of love and commitment on Twitter.

The single-most creative and hilarious tweet will be deemed the winner. (Sadly though, the competition is only open to residents United States or District of Columbia.)

The publicity stunt is to promote the three sizes of Big Macs ahead of Valentine’s Day.

It’s not the first time McDonald’s has gone into the jewelry business.

Last year, Welsh fashion designer Julien Macdonald redesigned the chain’s packaging with baroque-style, black and white sandwich boxes studded with rhinestones as part of the UK’s launch of ‘luxury’ premium burgers.  —TimesLive.

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