First Farai reunites with Nyamhondera for scorcher!


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First Farai dreamt of two things — one,  making a hit album and two, retracing his roots!

Indeed on his latest album — Earthquake — First Farai has delivered both.

The new seven-track album is a sure fire hit as First Farai aka The Prince of Sungura reunited with renowned engineer and producer Bothwell Nyamhondera.

For those not in the know, Nyamhondera is the doyen of sungura music insofar as production is concerned and on Earthquake he stamped his authority and maintained his signature vibe.

After all, Nyamhondera was responsible for putting out First Farai’s debut ‘Paida Moyo.’

And now on ‘Earthquake’ from start to finish, First Farai brings out his creative genius by churning out hit after hit.

First Farai’s message is easy to follow and you know why?

He sings about everyday life — culture, livelihood and love.

On the one hand he’s a big brother or father figure who gives advice to the young ones or he’s simply a social commentator.

The album is partially gospel on a sungura tip as First Farai deliberately traces his roots.

“I started music in church. I’m a member of the Salvation Army and that is where it all started,” he enthused.

The first track ‘Anochengeta’ starts on a high and ends on a high as the singer nicely lays his vocals over the booming sungura bass.

He didn’t change his winning formula and it continues on every other track.

The third track is ‘Simbarashe’ where First Farai remembers his mentor Tongai Dhewa Moyo and he assures him that he would continue from where the Utakataka Express leader left.

The last two tracks — ‘Ndomutenda’ and ‘Vakadzokera Ijipita’ were derived from the Holy Bible.

According to First Farai, an accompanying video will be shot once he’s done with the scripts.

The latest is his 13th album and adds to his long discography that includes Fantastic Farai, Simbaracho, Zvipo Netariro, Mbangambanga, Ngingo Ngingo, Dinga Tinga and Tiritose Mundima Machinda among others.

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