ExQ unplugged album launch ends prematurely!


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Light showers that hit across Harare ended ExQ’s well attended album launch prematurely as hundreds of fans left Rylance Resort in Borrowdale, the venue for the special edition of Unplugged before its time.

After what appeared to be a sunny day, the beautiful music lovers who came dressed in all colours, enjoyed the greater part of the afternoon without being bothered about the weather.

However, towards the end of the show after all was said and done, the rains came and music lovers dashed to the parking lot before speeding off.

Interestingly, ExQ’s prayers must have been answered since he had staged a polished act way in time before the rains.

He took fans down the memory with his yesteryear hits ‘Mazirudo’, ‘Hauchambofona’ and two tracks from the Expendables album featuring his all-time allies Extra Large, Roki and Maskiri.

The ‘Love is My Religion’ star also peaked the tempo with the club bangers ‘Alleluyah’ and ‘Bhachura’ featuring Ammara Brown.

ExQ then unleashed a couple of tracks from the new album Tseu Tseu, including the hit ‘Ngatimboita Musikanzwa’ which got warm reception from the crowd.

Apparently, ExQ is hitting up the dance floors with Tsvigiri whose accompanying video is a must watch.

The whole Military Touch Movement, the likes of Tahle, Nutty O and man of song Jah Prayzah, took turns to entertain the cheerful crowd.

Jah Prayzah as usual was heavily surrounded by army security including his own.

He sang from backstage and when the spotlights beamed on him, the fans, mostly women screamed!

Jah Prayzah’s support for ExQ was commendale and had he done the same with Andy Muridzo, the ‘Dherira’ singer wouldn’t have left MTM.

The ‘Tsviriyo’ hitmaker did not waste time and he churned hit after hit with the little time he had.

“I will sing my last song . . . when the time comes,” he joked before he jumped off stage to greet his fans and soon he exited the stage.

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