Ambuya Stella Chiweshe ventures into Theatre


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Germany-based Zimbabwe’s foremost mbira exponent Stella Chiweshe who has graced world stage with her timeless music recently landed a lead role in a one-woman play in which she stars as Maurine.

The play is based on a story about a Cameroonian woman who was given wrong medication resulting in her blindness.

Ambuya as she is popularly known in music circles yesterday confirmed to Gem Nation News from her base that she was now into acting and up for the challenge.

“Komazuva ano ndakasonwaka nekufanirwa kumemoraiza (I’m really pressed with memorizing the) script in German.

“I was asked to act the role of Maurine, a woman from Cameroon.

“The story is that she got very high fever and was admitted to hospital.

“There she was given wrong medication and became blind.

“It’s such a challenging theater play and, I will be alone on stage acting a blind woman, speaking in this so difficult language.

“Ndoo iri kutambika kuno (that’s what I’m doing thesedays),” she said.

The legendary mbira player who does not write songs before recording had a busy schedule yesterday where she shared the stage with Konono No.1, a band from DRC.

She also shared details of her show on Thursday in which she tried out new approach.

For the majority of her shows Ambuya has performed with the guitars, marimba and mbira but on that show it was different as she used the trombone, flute, keyboard and saxophone for the first time.

She, however, admitted that although the experiment was successful it was highly risky.

“Yesterday (Thursday) my concert in Berlin Germany was unbelievably great.

“My songs for the first time were played with the trombone, the saxophone, the flute and the keyboard and it worked so well.

“All my life in music, I have been pushing those instruments away from my songs. Then oh wow what a surprise I got.

“As for the drums I have played with them before but, the rhythm was new to me and very uplifting. Ofcourse we had rehearsed before,” she posted on her Facebook page.

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