Music producer forced to change ‘lewd’ name on album cover


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What’s in a name?

Well, popular music producer/singer/songwriter Mono Mukundu learnt that a Zimbabwean name might be vulgar in either south, east or west Africa.

The lanky musician was forced to change his surname from Mukundu to Mukundi which will appear on credits on the album sleeve by a Tanzanian gospel recording artiste — Maureen Jandwa.

According to Mono, he had to change because Maureen said the name Mukundu means a**hole in Swahili.

“I’ve just finished a session with a gospel artist from Tanzania, now her biggest worry is how she is going to write my name on her album sleeve because my surname is very vulgar in her country . . .If someone says ‘you are a Mukundu’, I’ts a serious insult in Tanzania & Kenya . . .,” he wrote on his wall on Facebook.

Asked how he would explain the wrong spelling, Mono said he would take it as a typo error.

“We decided to write it as Mono Mukundi. I first heard about it when I went with Tuku to Kenya (in) 2005, at the airport they were shocked,” he said.

Meanwhile, as he waited to record Maureen, Mono and Dereck Mpofu took to the mic and did their own accapella version of Chiwoniso Maraire’s gospel track — ‘Ivai Nesu’ off the album ‘Ancient Voices’.

According to Mono the idea came about as they sat and discussed about the life and times of Chiwoniso.

“We started discussing about Chiwoniso, remember I recorded a number of her collabos at Monolio and we toured Europe together (between) 2007&2008.

“She was the only artist in Zimbabwe who was so secure to the extent that she encouraged her band members to do their own music on her tour just in case they would be noticed by promoters,

“I remember she would pay more than you would have initially agreed, she was just super,” Mono confirmed.

A snippet of the accapella version was posted on his Facebook page and captioned RIP Chiwoniso.

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