Bishop-General Addy Kasi talks love . . . blasts cheque book prophets


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Bishop-General Addy Kasi said love was important in changing the world before blasting later-day prophets for commercializing the gospel.

In a two-minute video clip on Facebook, the Bishop-General of Upperview Ministries International and his wife Prophetess Ivy emphasized the need to love one another.

“Even if we preach, even if we do miracles, whatever we do in the absence of love we won’t have done anything because we are called with specifications.

“Our call is to love, specifically, we are called to love so that is changing the world.

“That no matter what, we continue to love, yes and we’ve met people who at a certain time may not have talked good about us.

“But seeing the love that we have, seeing their situations being dismantled, the things they could not have solved before, they have gone everywhere and paid money to many of the commercialized prophets who have come.

“Prophets with receipt books who are there, who when you go there you have to pay and be given an appointment.

“Having gone everywhere seeing that things are not changing but something bigger than being prayed for, something bigger than a prayer is what God gave us — love, love people in the name of Jesus Christ. . .

“Love people in the name of Jesus Christ even those who were bound will begin to find grace and they can find the opening to hear the word of Jesus Christ and they will know that he lives because Jesus’ life is exhibited in the presence of love.

“Where there is no love there is no evidence of Jesus being alive there.

“So we have to continue on the path of love that’s why we say you don’t have to comment even if anyone abuses you, don’t comment.

“Just find a way of loving them back, we must give love in exchange for all the harshness, all the enmity everywhere, we have only one thing to give.

“Because through love Jesus lives.”

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