ZimCafe in the red


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ZimCafe Restaurant and Bar is plagued by a US$300 000 debt owed to its suppliers and service providers.

Sources close to the goings on told GemNation that the upmarket hangout located along Kwame Nkrumah has also been hit by high staff turnover.

“Critical staff has left the restaurant while on the entertainment side, the old skoolDJs who used to pull crowds also terminated their contracts.

“Rentals have not been paid for several months now and the management is struggling to lure its customers that used to frequent the place due to poor service.

“There has been a change of management after the two directors — Isaac Neshamba and Tenderere had a fallout,” a source said.

The source also revealed that ZimCafe was now sub-letting its premises to Steward Bank making the venue even smaller than what it was before.

In an interview with GemNation, Neshamba who is more popularly known as F&B Guru, refuted the allegations saying it was the work of his friends turned foes.

“I know there are people who are busy talking bad about me and my business.

“However, I am not surprised because it is coming from people whom I used to call friends but have since left to start their own pubs,” F&B Guru said.

He, however, blamed the poor performance of the hangout to the economy.

“Everyone knows that the problem is about the harsh economic environment currently affecting all businesses.

“As you might be aware it is not just ZimCafe which is being affected but the whole industry.

“And I don’t see anything wrong with making extra cash, this is why we now have a Steward Bank agent.

“It is meant for our customers who after buying food or drinks are able to withdraw some money from the agent,” he said.

Investigations by GemNation also revealed that some waitresses had not been paid for the past two years and were surviving on tips.

To try and make things work out, F&B Guru has since engaged another director (name withheld) who is believed to have invested in the business.


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